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Martha Petty-57467

1Bonnie Zimmer.
Martha died in 1860 at age 35.

Mary E. Petty-57480

1Sharolyn P. Wood.
Stephen Petty, age 20, is living with Mary and her husband (William W. Moon in the 1880 Smith Co, TX census.

William Petty-57469

1John Petty, jpetty2000 at (as of 2005).
" William PETTY Uncle W Male W 84 NC Farmer (His sister was Elizabeth Petty who married Lindsey Price, and his brother, Joshua, married Martha Price. Martha Price and Allen A. Price were brother and sister). Also, it is my belief that William's wife, could have been a "Price", possible sister to Joshua Petty's wife. That is just speculation on my part. No proof. I also can find no evidence that this William and Elizabeth Petty, ever had children.
It would appear that Joshua Petty, William Petty, Allen Price, and probably others left Henry County, Tennessee prior to 1850 and went to Arkansas. Guilford, another brother, was still in Henry County, Tennessee in 1850, but was in Pope County, AR by 1860."
1840 Henry County, Tennessee Image 127.
William Petty 40-50
Female Petty 40-50
Note: No children listed.
Next household was Allen Price 20-30, Female Price 20-30, male 0-5, female 0-5.

Source: October 27, 1850 Pope County, Arkansas page 261, family 292. Image 43.
William Petty 52 NC., Elizabeth 55 NC.
Note: by John Petty - Living in household 285 was his brother, Joshua Petty with family, in household 286, was Allen A. Price and family.

August 16, 1860 Census Liberty, Pope County, Arkansas page 807b, family 708. Image 106.
William Petty 63 NC.,
Betsy 66 NC., and
Nancy Cooper 21 TN. (No relationship recorded)
Note: by John Petty - Living in household 707 was the family of Allen Price. Also, living in household 703 was Wyatt Petty, the son of Guilford Petty, who was living in household 693.

Source: August 30, 1870 Liberty, Pope County, Arkansas page 407, family 1249.
William Petty 73 NC., W.L. Price 31 TN., Rebecca Price 31 AR., Martha E. 4 AR.

2Rollie Taylor.
1840 TN census, Henry Co, microfilm page 487. The household of
William Petty consists of 1 FWM of 40 and under 50; and 1 FWF of 40 and
under 50.
1850 AR census, Pope Co, microfilm page 261. William Petty, age 52,
and Elizabeth, age 55, live alone.
1860 AR census, Pope Co, microfilm page 809. William Petty, age 63,
and Betsy, age 69, live alone.
1870 AR census, Pope Co, microfilm page 407, line 22. William
Petty, age 73, has a household that includes William L. Price, age 31,
Rebecca, 31, and Martha E, age 4.
1880 AR census, Pope Co, microfilm page 15. William Petty, age 84,
lives in the household of William L. and Rebecca Price. His relationship
is reported as uncle.
William Petty was the wagon master of the Petty wagon train that
brought Rebecca Petty Coffman and children from Tennessee to Pope County, AR, after her husband was killed. Rebecca Petty Coffman was the daughter of Guilford Petty.

Marion Edward Caufman-7381

1Barbara McGee, editor, Petty Papers, Vol 9 #1 pg 39.

2Rollie Taylor.
1900 AR census, Pope Co, ED182/SH08B/LN98. Marion Coffman, age 43, and Mary C., age 34, have been married 19 years. Mary is the mother of 13 children. John W. is 18; Noah A. is 16; Annie B. is 15; Letha F. is 13; James R. is 12; Manda F. is 11; Ivie E. is 9; Joseph A. is 8; Walker is 6; Charles is 5; Minnie is 3; Winnie is 3; and Marion L. is 1.

William Pleasant Pendergrass-59426

1Jim White,
"1. Location, 1870 - DeKalb County, Alabama

US 1870 Census, DeKalb County, Alabama
William age 21 b. Alabama
Sarah age 22 b. North Carolina
No children

2. Location, 1900 - Comanche County, Texas

US 1900 Census, Comanche County, Texas 13 Jun 1900..............
William Pleasant Pendergrass is with his son - and shows he is widowed
William lists age as 51 b. Jan 1849 in Georgia
Rueben G age 23 b. Jan 1877 Alabama
Rosa age 16 b. Jan 1884 Alabama
Martha age 14 b. Apr 1886 Alabama

3. Location, 1910 - DeKalb County, Alabama

US 1910 Census, DeKalb County, Texax 17 May 1910
William proves age 61 b. Georgia
Nancy E. Webb new wife ... age 49 b. Alabama
John W. age 16 b. Alabama 1894
Martha J. age 11 b. Alabama 1899
McKinley age 7 b. Alabama 1903

4. Location, 1920 - DeKalb County, Alabama

William proves age 70
Nancy proves age 59
McKinley proves age 17
Mother-in-law - Martha C. Webb in household proves age 85."

Elizabeth Petty-15844

1Jim White,
"1. Location, 1850 - DeKalb County, Alabama

James W. (Wilbourn) Pendergrass age 35 b. 1815 Tennessee
Eliza age 33 b. 1817 Tennessee
Martha J Pendergrass F 1837 Tennessee
Issac R Pendergrass M 1840 Tennessee
Fannie F. Pendergrass F 1842 Tennessee
John L Pendergrass M 1843 Tennessee
Thomas J Pendergrass M 1847 Tennessee
William Pleasant Pendergrass M 22 Jan 1848 Dade County, Georgia
James Wilbourn Pendergrass M 1850 Alabama

2. Land Purchase, 2 Sep 1850 - DeKalb County, Alabama

Land Office: LEBANON
Document Number: 11523
Total Acres: 39.95
Signature: Yes
Canceled Document: No
Issue Date: September 02, 1850
Mineral Rights Reserved: No
Metes and Bounds: No
Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566
Multiple Warantee Names: No
Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
Multiple Patentee Names: No
Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
Land Description: 1 NWNW HUNTSVILLE No 7S 8E 26

3. Land Purchase, 15 Jun 1855 - DeKalb County, Alabama

Land Office: LEBANON
Document Number: 15363
Total Acres: 39.83
Signature: Yes
Canceled Document: No
Issue Date: June 15, 1855
Mineral Rights Reserved: No
Metes and Bounds: No
Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566
Multiple Warantee Names: No
Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
Multiple Patentee Names: No
Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
Land Description: 1 NESE HUNTSVILLE No 7S 7E 1

4. Location, 1860 - Jackson County, Alabama

US 1860 Census - Jackson County, Alabama - James W. Pendegrass - July 12, 1860
James W. age 47 b. Tennessee
Amiliza age 35 b. Tennessee
Martha J. age 23 b. Tennessee
Isaac R. age 20 b. Tennessee
Fannnie age 18 b. Tennessee
John L. age 16 b. Tennessee
Thomas J. age 14 b. Tennessee
William P. age 12 b. Georgia
James age 10 b. Alabama
Rebecca age 8 b. Alabama
Ambrose age 3. b. Alabama
Porter G. age 3/12 b. Alabama
We believe this is all children born to James & Eliza. James died 1864, and Eliza remarried ... Byron or Byrum Williams after James' death.

5. Location, 1870 - DeKalb County, Alabama

US 1870 - Census Lebanon, DeKalb County, Alabama -
See Byron Williams - Must do Search for Ambrose Pendergrass to locate
Byrum Williams age 69 b. South Carolina
Eliza age 51 b. Tennessee
Robert age 14 b. Alabama ... Robert is shown on this census as Robert Pendergrass, but we think Robert was the son of Byron Williams but included him in the record. We have never located a Robert Pendergrass that fits the age bracket in any other source.
Ambrose Pendergrass age 12 b. Alabama
Porter G. Pendergrass age 9 b. Alabama."

George Dillard Petty-16610

1Bobbie Prosser.
"We do know that George Dillard PETTY was in Lincoln County in the area that later became Marshall County from tax reports and other sources. Although there has to be some link to the DILLARD family somehow.

I am a descendant of William Mathial PETTY. From research done by Kaaren Perry (BAGLEY FAMILY TALES PUBLICATION) and from what I have seen in other places it is pretty well believed that William Mathial PETTY'S mother was Bethany BAGLEY. I go along with that thought. From the Marshall County Tennessee Cemetery Book the following is recorded (Mt. Zion Cemetery) Bethany Petty, dau of Joab Bagley Nov. 10, 1803 - Aug 27, 1829. Notice here it says Bethany PETTY daughter of Joab BAGLEY. There is no mention of her being the beloved wife of __________ PETTY, but daughter of Joab BAGLEY. There have been several that have Bethany BAGLEY being married to William Thornton PETTY of the New Market Alabama PETTY family but I have to disagree with this. I believe that William Thornton PETTY married Abigail BAYLESS on the date of 03 December 1821 in Madison County (Huntsville, Alabama). I have found this posted on the Madison County AL Internet site (marriage records) as being listed as such. Also the publication of FROST AND RELATED FAMILIES OF BEDFORD COUNTY TENNESSEE has in that publication the same as here. Many have posted that Bethany BAGLEY married William Thornton PETTY on the same date and I disagree with that. Among the post are those on GenForum that have been corrected by Barbara McGee. There is a couple of post by a Larry Ponder referring to your line. The post numbers are 1194 and 1385. Mr. Ponder has also posted Bethany as being married to William Thornton PETTY.

It is my belief that Bethany BAGLEY married George Dillard PETTY (off the top of my head he was born somewhere around 1797). Bethany is dead by 1829 and George is left with five and maybe six small children to raise. I believe that after Bethany dies that he married Sophia S. HOGAN. Sophia is of the lineage of "Old Peter Luna" and he was quite a character. There are many publications about him including several pages online. Sophia is buried in the Luna Cemetery and the rock reads: Sophia S., wife of G. D. Petty & dau of A. & J. Hogan, Born Oct 1808 Died Jul 25, 1831, Age 25 yrs., 8 mos, 26 days. Note that she is dead by 1831, so I believe that after Bethany died he married her and that she is dead within a couple of years after this. My thoughts are that she died in childbirth. After this George Dillard PETTY is married again to a Ruth UNKNOWN. It is also interesting to find that William Mathial PETTY the son of Bethany Bagley PETTY had a son named Dillard PETTY also. It is possible that George Dillard PETTY was the son of William PETTY and Levina DILLARD (land grant Entry No. 207 sold to Joseph Porter, Note: I believe that this was the "Old Porter Farm" in the Arbor Hill Community) came into a section of Bedford County that later became Marshall County that is within close proximity of the Tally Station/Cane Creek area where all of these families lived. William and Levina came out of Smith County to the area and it would be my guess that they originally came out of Chatham County NC with the BAGLEY, SULLIVAN, DIXON, TALLY, GUNTER and other families."

2adixonbryant at, Anne Bryant.
There seem to be many questions about George Dillard Petty but no general consensus. One question is, Did Bethany Bagley marry George Petty or William Thornton Petty. I have no documents to prove it either way but there is some circumstantial evidence that she was married to George. On 26 Jan 1826 George D. Petty bought 50 acres. This land bordered that owned by Joab Bagley. According to the tombstone inscription, Bethany was the daughter of Joab Bagley. That puts them in close proximity. Bethany would have been the mother of William Mathial and Nathan, born in 1825 and 1827. She died in August of 1829 and George married Sophia S. Hogan, daughter of A. & J. Hogan. This comes from a tombstone in the Luna Cemetery on Old Fishing Ford Road in Marshall County. The stone says "Sophia S., wife of G. D. Petty & dau of A. & J. Hogan. She died 25 Jul 1831. I find no record of children from this marriage. Then sometime between July 1831 and 1836 he married Ruth. I have no other information on her, nor do I have a marriage date. Charles Mathias Petty was born 8 Jan 1836.

Fourth, does anyone have a document showing George's middle name to be Dillard? All the deeds and other records I have found shown only a middle initial of D. I have run across Petty men named Dillard who are descendents of George. William Mathial Petty has a son Dillard and Mathias has a grandson Dillard.

Believes his father to be Joseph Petty but has no evidence.

3Census Record, Bobby Prosser research.
From 1830 Census of Lincoln Co., TN we have 1 male less than 5 yrs of age. This is probably Nathan PETTY, b. 01 Dec. 1827, d. 30 Oct. 1862 (from rock at Mt. Zion Cemetery in MC Cemetery Book) married (a.) Louisa SANDERS, (b.) Rebecca RUSSELL (from research of Doris Bryant). We have 2 males 5-10. One of these would be William Mathial PETTY below. The other has been listed by some researchers including John Petty and a fortune city post a few years back would be Joab PETTY born 1820 -1825. I have not been able to locate anything. There is also a male 20 to 30 that I am unable to identify.
The females listed are and whom I believe (from research of Dorris Bryant and others) 5-10 Sarah PETTY. Researchers have her marrying Lomma (L. A.) SANDERS. From the 1850 Census of Marshall County Lomma SANDERS spouse is listed as Sarah, 25 yrs. of age.. Lomma is buried in the Sowell Cemetery in Marshall Co. I am unable to find a recording of the burial of Sarah SANDERS in Marshall County. Dorris Bryant also list another daughter that has left the home by the 1830 Census and this is Margaret PETTY. It is believed that Margaret married George LEOPARD. From the 1850 Marshall County Census there is a listing of Margaret LEOPARD wife of George LEOPARD with children Elizabeth, Nancy N. Also listed are Caroline PETTY age 13 and James A. PETTY age 9. From Ms. Bryant's research she shares that Caroline and James were born in Alabama.. There is also a female age 20 - 30. Note, that this is from the 1830 census and Bethany BAGLEY is dead by 1829.

4Bobbie Prosser.
George Dillard PETTY remarries again shortly after Bethany's death. It would be my belief that he married Sophia S. HOGAN. From the Marshall Co. Cemetery Book there is an entry at the Luna Cemetery of as follows, Sophia S., wife of G. D. PETTY & dau. of A. & J. Hogan Born Oct. 1808 died Jul 25, 1831 Age 25 yrs, 8 mos, 26 days. It would be reasonable to believe that he was faced with five children to raise and he married Sophia. I would believe that Sophia died during childbirth. Sophia was a grandaughter of "Old Peter" LUNA / LOONEY one of the first settlers of Tennessee and a Revolutionary Soldier. You may research him on the internet if you wish. He was quiet a colorful character.

5Informant, Sharolyn Wood.
: George Dillard Petty lived in a part of Lincoln Co TN that later became Marshall Co TN.

6Deed Book, Marshall County, TN County Archives:.
Book U/258
George D. Petty's deed for 10 acres of land Executed to him by Wm. Petty and recorded Oct. 31st, 1865: In the consideration of three hundred dollars to me in hand paid by William Petty hand this day bargained and sold and do by this convey unto George D. Petty ten acres of land lying on the waters of Cane Creek in Dist. No. 4 Marshall County Tennessee bounded as follows viz beginning at an ash marked ("WMP" ?) running north 40 poles to a beech, thence west 40 poles to a dogwood thence south 40 poles to a beech thence east 40 poles to the beginning - containing ten acres. To have and to hold the same to him the said George D. Petty his heirs and assigns forever. I further ( ________?) and agree that I am lawfully (_________?) of said land and have good right to convey the same that I will forever the right to said land so conveyed to the same George D. Petty his heirs and assigns forever against the lawful claims of any and all persons whatsoever. Witness my hands and seal this 13th day of Oct. 1865.
Wm. Petty (seal) In the presence of (ACK?) Oct. 13, 1865.
Note: I wonder what the relationship of George D. Petty and Wm. Petty in this transaction? I looked at some old 1899 Marshall County Map and District four is the area that the Petty Farm and Petty Cave are located.

:It is not William Thornton PETTY, son of William Eli and Lucretia (Wright) Petty, who wed Bethany Bagley in 1821 in Chatham Co. Reseachers now say that it is George Dillard Petty who she married.

Children: William Mathial PETTY who wed Cinncinati Frances Sullivan (b-1835 in Lincoln co TN). William Mathial had a sister: Sarah D. "Sally" (b-1824) who wed Loamma SANDERS, and i think it was while the family was still in Chatam co NC. i also have Nathan L PETTY (b-1 dec 1827, d-30 oct 1862) who wed Louisa Sanders (b-11 dec 1823, d-3 jun 1857). Buried at my PETTY family cemetery "Mt.Zion" in Marshall co TN, next to Lincoln co.there is a John C. Sanders (b-10 aug 1849, d-23 jan 1862), (i believe this is Louisa's father. please contact me at if you reconize any of these names. PETTY hunter!
Children of] Wm Thornton](wrong husband) and Bethany (Bagley) Petty
William Nathial PETTY m. Cincinati Frances Sullivan b. 1835 Lincoln CO
Sarah D. ���Sally” b. 1824 m. Loamma Sanders m. poss Chatham Co NC
Nathan L. Petty b. 12-1-1826 d. 10-30-1862 m. Louisa Sanders b. 12-11-1823 d. 6-3-1857
Note: Buried next to Lincoln Co is John C. Sanders b. 8-10-1849 d. 1-23-1862, poss Louisa�������������������������������s father

Note: I have been following the recent post on the Giles County, TN. Petty family--a reply post referring to Mathias PETTY, marrying Mary Catherine LUNA of Marshall County, TN. Mathias would have been a brother to my great grandfather [William Mathial PETTY]. I do not have it in front of me at this time, but I believe that Mary Catherine LUNA is of the "Old Peter LUNA" linage. Sharolyn also mentions a possible connection of: Hubert PETTY>Thomas PETTY> Thomas PETTY>Rev. Wm. PETTY> William Eli PETTY> William Thorton PETTY> Mathias PETTY. There has been some confusion on whether Mathias PETTY and William Mathial PETTY are the sons of William Thorton PETTY as recorded by some researchers. I very seriously doubt that William Thorton PETTY would be the father of these two brothers. Some researchrs have posted that William Thorton PETTY married Bethany BAGLEY [my great great grandmother]. From the Madison County, Alabama marriage records William Thorton PETTY is marrying Abigail BAYLESS on the date of 03 Dec 1821. There has been conflict as some researchers have also posted William Thorton PETTY marrying Bethany BAGLEY on the same date. I tend to believe what John Petty has sent to me that these two sons were born of George Dillard PETTY. George Dillard PETTY was in the same area of the old Petty homeplace in Marshall County. Bobby Prosser <>.

8Cemetery Record, Direction given by Bobby Prosser, Oct 2004.
Said it was close to the area where his Willim Mathial Petty had his farm and the landmark "Petty Cave." He felt that Bethany Bagley Petty died in 1829 and then he married Sophie S. wife of G.D.Petty and daughter of A. & J. Hogan. b. Oct 1808, d. 25 Jul 1831.

Bobby continues: "Bethany BAGLEY married a PETTY of the area. Bethany PETTY was b. on 10 Nov., 1803; d. 27 Aug 1829; the beloved daughter of Joab BAGLEY. This is from the tombstone at Mt. Zion Cemetery, Marshall County, TN. It is my belief that she married George Dillard PETTY somtime prior to 1820.".

9Census Record, Tennessee State Library Archives, 1830 Census.
1 2 0 0 1 1 - 0 1 0 0 1 and if I have read this correctly there would have been, 1 male under 5 years of age;
2 males 5 - 10 years of age; 0 males 10 -15 years of age;
0 males 15 - 20 years of age; 1 male 20 - 30 years of age;
1 male 30 - 40 years of age; /
0 females under 5 years of age;
1 female 5 - 10 years of age;
0 female 10 -15 years area of where my William Mathial PETTY had his farm and the landmark Petty Cave.

Tennessee State Library Archives 1830 Census Lincoln Co., TN (lter Marshall Co., TN)
of age;
0 female 15 - 20 years of age;
1 female 20 -30 years of age. I do not know if this would be any combination of the above children or not. If anyone has anything that they could share with this I would appreciate it.

Thank you for your time!

Bobby Prosser

Bethany Bagley-57521

1Petty group analysis.
Many have put Bethany Bagley as the wife of William Thornton Petty. However, the marriage date used for this wedding is the same date as William's marriage to Abigail Bayless in Madison Co., Alabamea (3 Dec 1821).

It is clear that Bethany married a Petty - most likely George Dillard Petty - sometime before 1820. Her tombstone says that she was born 10 Nov 1803 and died 27 Aug 1829, the beloved daughter of Joab Bagley. she is buried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery, Marshall Co., TN.